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Just how Confident are you?
Confidence zapping friends & family
How to Break Bad Habits
Don't overlook your values when looking for a job!
If you are stuck, try what seems to be counter-intuitive


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Just how Confident are you?

Rona Tyrrell was a member of a women’s spirituality group at her church. At 43, she was shy to speak up withfriends, or in groups. During a convention on seniors activity group Rona wasunexpectedly asked to speak to the members. After the initial panic and fear,she slowly found herself relaxing. Deep breaths and pep talk on the way to thepulpit worked! She was finally able to give an anxiety-free talk to the group.
Rona Tyrrell was taking aconfidence building course at the time and was 2 weeks into it.

Confidence zapping friends & family

If you are building a business, changing careers, wanting to make a change in your life to get healthier, loose weight--confidence on ones ability to do it is critical to success.
The people whom you have the most contact with and hang around will have either apositive or negative affect on your levels of self-esteem and confidence.
We all know those people who are positive, happy and joyful to be around.
How do they make you feel?
Yes, they make you feel the same!

How to Break Bad Habits

How to Break Bad Habits
What are your bad habits?
Smoking? Talking too much? Drinking? Untidiness?
We’ve all got them. 
Within this article are 5 simple reasons for breaking a bad habit.
If it ain’t broke, break it, and if it won’t break, then bend it
Bad habits. 
Whether it’s a perpetual pile of clothes in the corner you’re waiting to someday turn into gold, a self-proclaimed disability which renders you unable to refrain from interrupting, or, a knack for timing your exit just so, so that someone else is continually left to pick up the dishes, now’s the time to extinguish these habits before they turn into next year’s resolutions.

Don't overlook your values when looking for a job!

I am getting a lot of coaching calls from folks who are going from one job to the next and wondering why they are still unhappy.
What is fairly consistent is the initial desire is to get into task mode; to decide what skills and experience to highlight on their resume, to decide what tasks they want to do every day at work, and/or decide what things they should be doing in order to gain experience and get advancement.
These are fine things to consider and ultimately should be listed. However when you talk to folks who are truly happy and have found the job of their dreams, it is because it aligns with their passion, purpose and values.

If you are stuck, try what seems to be counter-intuitive

Have you ever noticed that the more you try to get somewhere the more you feel like you are falling behind. Sometimes the counterintuitive approach is the direction you want to go. If you want more energy, exercise;  if you are tired, sleep less; if you want to loose weight don't starve yourself, eat often. So if you aren't getting the results you want try taking a different route..one that is scary, counter-intuitive, that which seems to be too crazy to be true...you might just find that it has been your perspective of what is true that has held you back!

Benefits and Impact of Coaching

How Coaching Can Improve your Quality, Productivity, Teamwork and Impact Bottom Line.
 Here are some reported results of having a coach

  • 529% Return on Investment forExecutive Coaching
  • 86% Productivity Increases when Coaching added to Training
  • 22% Increase in Bottom-Line Profitability
  • 67% Increase in Teamwork
  • 32% Increase inEmployee Retention
  • 52% Reduction in Conflict

(Sources listed in the attached more detailed information)Coaching is an established relationship between client and coach where key

benefit corporations

There is no reason as to why a company cannot make money AND have a positive impact on society.  A new form of corporation known as the benefit corporation, also known as the Fourth Sector,  has been established. 
Like the traditional S or C corporation a benefit corp is set up to make money, have a board of directors, and even set up for future stock holders to make a profit.

Don’t be a Lone Wolf in achieving your goals…JOIN THE PACK

The term lone wolf originally referred to a wolf that was an outcast and probably didn’t have much time left in this world. In the wild, the lone wolf can quickly starve, or be killed without the support of the pack.  Wolves have been shown to need and want social interaction.  Through their forms of play and shared responsibilities the individual wolf is supported, protected and nurtured because of its membership to a group.   In most instances a wolf without a pack for support will die.