"The team at Kimball Lane and Associates was so supportive, knowledgable and quickly helped move our organization onto a much more organized and productive path. They  fit in as part of our team very quickly: definitely a part of the family!" Roger Adams, GlobalNet  
  “As an Executive Director of a non-profit, it is so easy to feel overwhelmed with the competing concerns.  Kimball’s coaching is invaluable in keeping me grounded and focused on key priorities. Her coaching is essential in providing capable direction and leadership for my agency."  Marilyn Segal, Women’s Therapy Center
“Kimball - Is an amazing coach and mentor. When I first started the whole coaching thing was new to me, but Kimball is excellent at pulling the very best out of you and holding you to it. I would recommend her work to anybody.....She really helped inspire me to get out of my dead end job and build up the courage to work for myself..... Kudos to Kimball!" Neil N.
 “Kimball has the ability to weave creative and bold plans, and put together a great team to carry them out.  She knows how to find the calm center of any storm and people associated with her programs leave learning effective methods which are beneficial for any agency.” Dan Kloke, Campaign consultant 
"In the frenzied world of political campaigns, it is many times hard to find the nugget of importance.  Through the fray, Kimball is able to zero in on the essential points, encapsulate them and move the team toward its goals. She is a great strategist and truly understands the importance personal connection.” Bill Matson, Public Outreach Limited 
Kimball has an incredible ability to make fund raising easy.  She helped build our confidence, showed us how to have fun, and make connections with people.” CARAL Board Member
“Kimball was able to gently create an environment where we were able to see a logical structure and begin having the appropriate dialogue required to move our agency forward…THANK YOU!”Susan Powell-Executive Director, AGOURA
“Our Board was not pleased about the idea that they may have to raise money. Knowing the financial future of the organization rested on broadening our reach into the community, Kimball was able to help the Board make the connection between the need and their involvement. One year later we have 100% participation."  Jennifer Allen, Board Chair, Campaign Institute 
Kimball is an incredible trainer and strategist.  She inspired and motivated my board of directors and created a major donor recruitment campaign that generated 40% more than projections.”  Stephanie Olson, Development Director, CARAL