Do you want your money to make a difference in the community? 
Do you want to make money AND have impact?
Are you intrigued with the concept of B-corporations?
Do you want to start a company with a social mission?
Do you want to invest in a charity but are overwhelmed by the number of charitable organizations available?
Are you unfamiliar with how non-profits  or B-corporations "work" but would like to start one?
Kimball Lane + Associates provides customized Philanthropic Investment Services and support for the social entrepreneur.  We help entrepreneurs, donors and foundations find their social and philanthropic vision and values. If you are starting a business and want to incorporate a social value, or are looking to start a non-profit we can help. 

  • streamlined start-up process and plans
  • organizational structure               development
  • board development
  • leadership continuity
  • fundraising and revenue plans
  • value and mission identification
  • marketing and outreach plans
  • Coaching ALONG THE WAY!